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Welcome to Janus Razors!

Janus Razors is a Minnesota Design shop that is passionate about designing and manufacturing accessories for the modern discerning gent.

Janus Razors has some strong beliefs that guide what we create and how we create:

  • Empathy is the north star for creativity

  • The first interaction with any product is emotional first, and then rational. At Janus Razors, our preference is for a visceral response (love or hate) to what we create rather than ambivalence or unenthusiastic acceptance.

  • Delightful intuitive use with the user always in control should be the goal of any design endeavor

  • Prototyping is how we explore the future by thinking to do, and doing to think

  • Inspiration is non-linear. Inspiration can come from anywhere. For example, the lubrication port on the Janus Adjustable Toggle Razor is inspired by the Helium release valve on professional dive watches. The detent in the adjustment dial knob is inspired by the detent mechanism in the unidirectional Cerachrom bezel on the Submariner.

Why a razor first, and not some other accessory or tool? It is an opportunity to add delight to a daily experience for some. I’m solving for an experience that I deeply understand, I’m very passionate about, and as a bald guy who must shave at least every other day, an experience that is near and dear to me. Janus Razors wants to transform shaving from a chore to a daily indulgence.

Expect some of the stuff Janus Razors builds in the future to be new expressions of classic stuff…blending old school simplicity, retro good looks and modern performance.

For Janus Razors, success is crafting delightful experiences for novices and pros alike - tools that are a joy to own, and most importantly to use. Not selling thousands of widgets! Janus Razors will only create for experiences we are passionate about. Why? Passion is the foundation for excellence.

And yeah…along the way, we get a chance to pay homage to the creative misfits that preceded us and celebrate craft and process.

Hey! Check in every so often to see what Janus Razors is up to.


About Eric

Eric is the founder of Janus Razors.

He is a Minnesota Licensed Professional Engineer, Design Enthusiast and Maker with a passion for all things mechanical.

He has 10+ years engineering experience having worked at a market leader in Testing and Sensing Solutions, a technology leader in Fluid Management, and at a Tier Automotive Supplier. He is a frequent speaker at Start-up/Tech meetups and events in Minnesota.

He has a Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota, and a Master of Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of St. Thomas.

When not working or hanging out with the family, Eric can be found golfing or seeking adventure on winding twisty roads in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Here are some examples of creative work that he deeply admires: -

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Author/Writer – Junot Diaz

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