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The Janus Razor Uses Double-Edge Blades

The Janus Razor uses readily available and affordable double edge razor blades. If you are new to shaving using safety razors, and unsure of which brand of razor blades to use, try an assorted sampler pack before committing to a brand.

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Rinsing, Opening, Closing

Rinsing the Janus Razor during shaving is breeze! The rinsing position is activated by flicking the toggle knob half-way in either direction; the doors will lift slightly so that the blade is loosely held for rinsing without removal.

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The Janus Razor opens and closes quickly. Flicking the toggle knob in either direction fully activates the open position; the doors will swing open for blade loading or removal.

Flicking the toggle knob to axial alignment with the handle closes the razor to activate the shaving position.  

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Low Profile Head with MORE Safety

The low-profile doors on the Janus Razor entirely cover the pesky razor blade end tabs for nicking safety in an aesthetically pleasing package. If you are new to using safety razors, you will appreciate the nicking forgiveness this feature affords you especially when shaving around the mouth, nose and ears.

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Premium Materials & Modern Manufacturing

All the 36 components in the Janus Razor are made of 316 stainless steel - a premium material with outstanding corrosion resistance. With the right care and attention, the Janus Razor is designed for a lifetime of delightful intuitive use and proud ownership.   

Modern exacting manufacturing yield tight tolerances to give symmetrical blade exposure and precise increments at the turn of the dial. The razor blade loads snug and remains centered because of the tight toleranced bridge. Simply put, both sides of the razor head shave the same at each setting!   

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