Uses Double-Edge Blades

The Janus Adjustable Toggle Razor uses readily available and affordable double edge razor blades. New to shaving using safety razors, and unsure of which brand of razor blades to use? Hakuna matata! Try an assorted sampler pack before committing to a brand.

Otherwise, load your favorite brand, keep calm and shave on.


Toggle Lever Actuator

Rinsing between strokes is easy! Flick half-way, and the doors lift slightly so that the razor blade is loosely held for rinsing without removal.


Instant Blade Access

Actuate in either direction! Fully actuating the toggle knob instantly opens and closes the doors to allow quick removal and replacement of the razor blade.

When the razor head is open, simply pinch the sides to remove the razor blade.


Covered Blade Tabs

Never draw blood! The Janus Adjustable Toggle Razor head completely covers the pesky square tabs for nicking forgiveness, especially when maneuvering around the mouth, nose and ears. If you are new to DE wet-shaving, you will appreciate the nicking forgiveness this feature provides as you hone your technique.


Materials & Manufacturing

The Janus Adjustable Toggle Razor is 100% 316 Stainless Steel, and 100% designed, machined and assembled in Minnesota.

It will be available in four options: Passivated and PVD Coated (‘Black Gold’, ‘Yellow Gold’ & ‘White Gold’) options.