Personalize your shave at the turn of a dial

Indexed rotation of the adjustment dial knob moves the safety guard up or down in fixed increments. This up or down movement changes the Blade Angle and Blade Gap to ultimately vary Blade Exposure – how close the blade edge gets to your skin.

Setting 1 to 9

Each selected setting, locked in place by a mechanical detent in the adjustment dial knob, has a specific Blade Exposure. There are 9 settings to choose from; to accommodate uniqueness in skin sensitivity, hair coarseness, shaving skill, stubble length, and amount of time available to shave.

Setting 1.PNG

Settings 1, 2 & 3

New to traditional wet shaving using safety razors, or transitioning from cartridge razors, or have areas with sensitive skin? First experiment with Settings 1-3. These settings offer the most nicking forgiveness because of the low blade exposure.

These are the perfect settings to start exploring and discovering what settings work for you.

Setting 5.PNG

Settings 4, 5 & 6

A happy compromise between shaving closeness and nicking forgiveness. This is my sweet spot! This is home!


Settings 7, 8 & 9

These are the pro’s settings. Or the pro’s pro!

Only venture here if your shaving game is on point for the closest shave using the fewest strokes!


Shaving Technique

Technique is equally important as the tool.

Hold the Janus Razor at an angle of ~33°-39° to the skin when shaving. After ~5 shaves, this angle will become intuitive.